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First time login

First time login Top

After your Self-Service account is set up, your system administrator assigns you a default password that you must use to log in to Self Service for the first time. The system administrator also specifies the number of days you have to log in and change the default password. If you exceed the specified number of days, when you try to log in to Self-Service, you will be locked out. If you are locked out, the system administrator must reset your default password. Contact your system administrator to find out how many days you have to change your default password.

Challenge questions and answers

If your company has enabled the Challenge Questions and Answers option, when you log in to Self-Service for the first time, you will be prompted to select challenge questions and enter answers to each question. For more information, see Manage Challenge Questions and Answers.  

Note: If your company uses Ceridian Self-Service Ceridian-Verified Single Sign-On but doesn't allow you direct access to Ceridian Self-Service, the challenge question and answer information doesn't apply.    

Expired passwords Top

User account passwords expire periodically. As the expiration date for your password nears, when you log in to Self-Service, a warning message appears. You can choose to change your password before it expires or you can wait until your password expires. When your password expires,  Self-Service automatically displays the Password page when you log in. You must change your password before you can continue to use Self-Service.

Password reminders Top

On this page, when changing your password, you can also enter a password reminder if your company:

Note: For the current release, Single Sign-On is available to select Ceridian customers in limited availability.

Self-Service password requirements Top

When you enter a new password, the password:

Security Image option Top

If your company has enabled the security image option, your log in flow may be different than the flow described in this help topic. For more information, see  About Security Images.   

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Procedures used when the Challenge Question and Answers option is enabled

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