New Hire

Note: This Help page contains help for all the functions associated with the New Hire process. The information is organized by the sections on the New Hire page. If you are using the New Hire page as a member of a workflow process, Ceridian Self-Service displays only the information that you are responsible for. Scroll through this Help page and find the help you need. To see the steps for all functions in the New Hire process, click Print.

Use the New Hire page to enter base information for new employees and to add it to your database. All information on the New Hire page isn't required. Although you don't have to enter all of it on the page, you may have to enter it later to complete the New Hire process.

Benefit enrollment

To enroll new hires in benefits, contact your HR/Payroll department.

Rehiring terminated employees

At this time you can't rehire a terminated employee in Self-Service.

To enter new hire information

Based on whether your company uses Position Control, some fields on this page are different, as shown in this procedure.

To display a hint about what to enter in a field, click the question mark icon (?) next to marked fields.

  1. Open the New Hire page.specific
  2. Enter the new hire's base information.
  3. Enter the new hire's personal information.
  4. Enter the new hire's home address information.
  5. Enter the new hire's home, cellular, and pager phone numbers.
  6. Enter the new hire's employment information.
  7. Enter the new hire's compensation information.
  8. Enter the new hire's job information.
  9. Enter or review the organizational information for the new hire.
  10. Enter other payroll information for the new hire as needed.
  11. Enter the new hire's federal tax information.
  12. Enter the new hire's state tax information.
  13. If you have licenses for Ceridian HR/Payroll Latitude and for Ceridian Time & Attendance, enter time and attendance information about the new hire. This information is exported to Time & Attendance and isn't stored in the HR/Payroll database.
  14. Enter the new hire's bank information for payroll direct deposit by electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  15. Enter the new hire's labor relations information.
  16. Do one of the following:

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