New Self-Service User

Use the New Self-Service User page to set up a Ceridian Self-Service account for a new user and assign the user one or more roles as Benefits Administrator, Delegate, Employee, Manager, or System Administrator.

Single Sign-On Users

If the new user is for a Single Sign-On enabled account, enter Single Sign-On information for the user on the Changes for Self-Service User Account page after you save the user's new information on this page.

Note: For the current release, Single Sign-On is available to select Ceridian customers in limited availability.

To add a new Self-Service user

  1. Open the New Self-Service User page.
  2. Select an employee name.
  3. Enter the employee's user ID.
  4. Enter the initial password.

    When users log in for the first time, they must change their password for security reasons. System administrators can reset the password for a user account.

  5. Select one or more roles.

    By default, new users are assigned the Employee role.

  6. If the employee is being rehired, click Rehired Employee to display the benefits enrollment link on the Home page.

    The default is to not display the benefits enrollment link. This option is available only if your company has chosen to enable it on the General Benefit Settings page.

  7. Click Save.

    If the user ID is already set up in Self-Service, a message appears. Check the DesktopAccount table in Ceridian HR/Payroll to verify that a different employee has the same user ID. You can then add the new user account using the first initial of the first name and the last name followed by a number. For example, if SDavis is already set up, use SDavis1 as the user ID for the new user account.

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